الخميس، 21 مايو 2015

An Attempt To Understand

A little while ago I had a discussion with someone. It started with her telling me about her two "smart" cats and what they were up to and how the cats can easily & playfully deceive her. I asked her if she thinks cats, and animals in general, are smarter than humans. Without hesitation she said: Yes of course. I said: you mean they're more intuitive; but are you sure they're "smarter"? She said definitely. I argued that how come they didn't build civilizations like we did..and how come they don't have any inventions like we do..she simply replied: "They don't need to. Human civilization failed."
We exchanged a bit more of q&a until I explained what I believe in:
I think the one reason humans have evolved to become what we are now is the question: "Why?" The urge to  find out why we're here and why us and what we're supposed to do keeps us going and has got us to where we are now. This question is what drives scientists to discover more and more and dig deep into reality to try and find out. It is also the same questions that caused religion and mythical ideologies to exist.  I don't believe animals have this urge, probably because they instinctively figured it out? Maybe.

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