الجمعة، 24 أبريل 2015

23rd April- a date to remember

Today, last year, I took a life changing decision. I gave myself the best gift I can ever give myself. I started going to the gym on a regular basis and to some extent ate healthily.

Decisions related to adopting healthy lifestyle are usually easy to take and difficult to fulfill. I took the decision the night before (22nd April 2014) when I was sitting with a friend in Marina having shisha, the last shisha I have had since then, and looked down at my body and was shocked. As if it was the first time I see myself. Now people who've known most of my life can confirm that I was never over weight but on that night I realised I've reached the heaviest form of me. It wasn't only how I looked that bothered me, but mostly how I felt: always bloated, always hungry and craving all sorts of food, always lethargic and have no energy to even lift my laptop from the car seat.

So the decision was made: I will be in the gym every day. This is my goal and I will try my best to make it happen. The decision was effective  the next day.

The first few weeks I was in the gym everyday, every single day! Would come back from Abu Dhabi at 10pm and head straight to the gym. Having the gym bag always ready in my car meant there was no excuse not to go. For the next few months, I apologised to  friends who wanted to hang out after work hours. I have found a new haven, a place where I'm physically and emotionally balanced. I called that phase of my life: "Reaching the best of me". The results were obvious; receiving compliments about how I looked became a regular thing, but only I knew how good I felt from the inside.

Funny enough,  almost every time I met new people, they'd be into some kind of sports: cycling, body pump, zumba, yoga, etc... so that helped the commitment thing a lot. I guess that's how the universe works, when it means to help you achieve something, it makes sure that you do in every single way possible. 

A year later, I am 8 kilos less, much more fit than I've ever been and now I cannot look back at my lazy old self and accept her.

I'm sharing this because maybe someone out there is at the verge of taking a similar decision and needs a push. I hope this post is their push. 

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